Fresh off YouTube! Silverback takes us through a quick review of the Slider and Sprada, both featuring Silverback’s IDS Technology.

Silverback Slider & Sprada - IDS Technology

What is IDS?

Well, this is Silverback’s proprietary suspension system and it feels amazing! I can vouch for that! 🙂

IDS Revo suspension platform is designed to inspire rider confidence in all trail conditions, allowing one to focus on the trail with a full sense of security. It couples an extremely stiff chassis with supple and smooth suspension travel, all at a very competitive weight. The IDS Platform excels in situations with rough terrain and pedals efficiently, keeping the bike stable and grounded with great traction in all situations, up or down.

If you want to find out more about either of these bikes, check out Slider or Sprada on the Silverback site.  You can also read more about IDS here. 


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