We all know the hit Gangnam Style that hit YouTube in July of 2012. This is the first video that reached over a billion views on YouTube. The South Korean artist, Will PSY reached international status overnight. The Gangnam Style dance was born!

I recently got hitched and of course this track was played at our wedding reception. Be warned in advance; “Bride dancing Gangam Style.” <Clip will follow soon> FYI trying to dance with a tight fitting dress is HARD!

PSY has already released his next hit; Gentleman M/V and I think it’s going to be BIG! However the Gentleman [I’m a mother-father GENTLEMAN – some word playing.] The song suggests that he is a thoughtful true gentleman. Pulling out a chair for a lady at a restaurant [like a true gentleman should.] He pulls the chair so far out, his date falls flat on her bum. Not going to lie, I had a good laugh. 😀 Towards the end of the Gentleman vid, PSY gets some of his own medicine. The Gentleman track has similar electronic beats and catchy chorus as Gangnam Style.

Something to start your week off. Enjoy PSY & the crew with Gentleman M/V.

Feel free to leave a comment if you think it was catchy, lame or a hit? 🙂

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