Chinese Food

The next video fast approaching viral status is Chinese Food by Alison Gold. Some would call it the replacement for the video Friday by Rebecca Black.

Alison feels so-so good!
Alison feels so-so good!

The lyrics of Chinese Food are Gold! {Pun intended} 😉

After balling I go clubbing
Then I’m hugging
Then I’m hungry and I’m walking on the street
and I’m getting getting getting getting grumpy grumpy

I see Chow, by my right
I smell food in the air
It’s Chinese Food, my favorite
So I’m getting getting getting getting hungry

I love Chinese food (Yeah)
you know that it’s true (Yeah)
I love fried rice (Yeah)
I love noodles (Yeah)
I love Chow mein
Chow Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mein


I thought “Aw! I love Panda” errr…or not?  Already there are some controversial opinions about the video. 


Without further ado! Watch Alison sing about her love for Chinese Food.

What’s your thoughts?

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