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“Local is lekker!”

This is an Afrikaans slogan that all South Africans know. If you don’t know what it means; it is a way of saying; you are proudly South African and support local business.

We recently received an invite from a local tabloid called; The Next 48 HoursThe Next [or in short] 48Hours invited us to attend a live performance at Richard’s Super Stage & Bistro in Cape Town. The live show of the evening was, Kaapse Stories. This theater venue uniquely combines both entertainment productions and delicious bistro cuisine.Richards Super Stage

The story: The crowd follows a story-line told by “Pa Joe” of the Kleintjies family. The story continues through the different era’s of South African history. From the Apartheid era up to the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. The audience becomes aware of the diversity of our beautiful country and our rainbow nation. The majority of these stories reminded me of my own experiences and could firmly related with the Kleintjies. Our country has come far (and wide), but one thing is for sure. We are proud to call South Africa our home!

The cast: Richard’s has talented local actors, entertainers, and musicians that perform in each production. Some of the cast members of Kaapse Stories included, Royston Stoffels as Pa Joe Kleintjies. Stoffels is well-known for his role in the film Material. Other cast members; Terry Smith (cargaurd), Ruth Marly (his wife), Ebenenze Sawuhi (security guard), Mpumi Sizani (Mamma Africa), Germandt Geldenhuys (maitre ‘d), and the list continues.

Mamma Africa
Mamma Africa
Pa Joe Kleintjies
Pa Joe Kleintjies
Crowd participating
Crowd joining in

My verdict: 

Attending a live performance about authentic “Kaap se stories,” as the name suggested. That’s exactly what I expected from the show. I can honestly say, my expectations was exceeded. The stories hit home and how the diverse audience could all relate in one or other way. The menu consisted of authentic “Kaapse geregte.” Chicken curry, beef filet, fresh linefish, and a variety of warm roasted vegetables  The dessert was a combination that South Africans’ adore; mini malva pudding, milk tart, koeksister, and a fruit skewer.

The highlight of the evening for me was when the cast involved some of the audience members to participate in a dance.  I honestly laughed out loud! Let’s just say; some people should not quiet their day job and leave the entertainment business to those like the cast of Richard’s. 😉

If you want to know more about upcoming events in South Africa. Check out Next48Hours or if you want to experience your own evening of Kaapse Stories. Visit Richard’s Super Stage for more information & bookings.

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