Castle 1895 Draught Brewed Today

Beer from the brewery to the tank!

This is officially the first unpasteurised draught beer in South Africa. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s really good!

The Beer Truck | Castle 1895 Draught Brewed Today

Castle 1895 Brewed Today concept

Before all you beer snobs get your knickers in a knot! No, the beer wasn’t literally brewed in one day, but the concept is more around drinking beer that comes straight from the brewery.

What does this mean?

The beer is transported by a specially engineered “Beer truck” that originated in the Netherlands and is officially the first of it’s kind in South Africa. The tanks can pump up to a 1000l in 8 minutes. By using this method it means the beer is not stored and does not get submitted to additional processes to increase it’s shelf life. The final product when poured into a glass is less fizzy and a lighter quality beer.

You can taste the freshness!

Castle 1895 Brewed Today

Castle 1895 Brewed Today

Castle 1895 Brewed Today

Castle 1895 Draught Brewed Today

Fresh Castle 1895 Draught

Food & Beer pairing

Maybe not as popular concept as food & wine pairing, but it definitely works. Pete Goffe-Wood, (@PeteGW) South African MasterChef judge and owner of Kitchen Cowboys cooking school, created wonderful food & beer pairings for the evening.

“Pairing food & beer is easier than pairing food & wine,” Pete said.

Pete Goffe-Wood @PeteGW

My photo doesn’t do Pete’s food any justice, but boy! Does fresh calamari and 1895 Draught go well together!

Brewed Today | By TheOneK

Brewed Today | By TheOneKFor more info or to see where the Beer Truck will make it’s next delivery.

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