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I joined Ignite Fitness on 11 November 2014. Best decision yet! If you still haven’t heard or seen this gym, where have you been? Not to worry though, I will bring you up to speed with my 10 Reasons Why I Love Ignite Fitness gym in St. George’s Mall, Cape Town.

Ignite Fitness TheOneK.com

 10 Reasons why I love Ignite Fitness:

1. Everyone is SO friendly!

You can walk in at 5:00am and every single trainer will greet you with a smile on their face. It’s not just the trainers, I find members in general a lot friendlier than elsewhere. 🙂

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

2. Brand spanking new gym means it is modern and trendy.

No rusted or outdated equipment here!

Ignite Fitness SA | TheOneK.com

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

3. SEVEN unique arenas:

Each arena features a different type of HIIT exercise. You participate in a group and depending on the arena times varies between 30-40 minutes. My personal favourites are Focus Master and Thread & Shred. Group sessions run throughout the day, so you can join in at any time.

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

4. Ignite Fitness has the HOTTEST trainers in Cape Town.

True story, come see for yourself!

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com


5. Sunday morning beach burn training sessions are FREE!

You can find the Ignite Fitness trainers at 8:45am onCamps Bay main beach. Bring water and prepare yourself to work hard!

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

6. Getting ready!

The changing rooms are huge, modern and clean!

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

7. Goodbye comfort zone!

The words “comfort zone” does not exist in this gym. You will be pushed to your limits!

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

8. Best. gym. music. EVER!

I usually train with music, but whenever I train at Ignite Fitness I leave my ipod at home.

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

9. Motivation

The trainers will motivate you throughout the sessions, but what makes it even better is when you start motivating each other. Only one more rep then we rest!Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

 10. Klap it boet!

If you are into weight training and want to concentrate on muscle building. Ignite Fitness has a kick ass free weight area with enough weights to keep you busy for a long time.

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

Ignite Gym Culture

Where the words “give up” does not mean anything and you find it in yourself to just keep going.

Overall Ignite Fitness gym has positive vibes and makes exercising a lot more fun! It has only been a few months since I joined, but this feels like my (gym) home.

Ignite Fitness SA TheOneK.com

 If you think any one of these 10 Reasons is one of the reasons why YOU would like to gym here. Then you must check out Ignite Fitness South Africa.

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