Organic Quinoa

Quinoa  – A grain-like seed that has taken the health world by storm. Quinoa; pronounced as “Keen-Wa.” It is truly a super food for more than one reason. 🙂 This whole-grain can be served as an alternative to Rice, Cous-Cous or Barley. You’re asking, “What makes Quinoa so special?” Luckily, I am here to share some of the benefits of this super grain with you.

Organic Quinoa

Benefits of Quinoa:

  1.  High in Protein – Labelled as a complete protein source. This means, Quinoa is a grain composed out of all the Essential Amino acids needed in a protein source. [Contains 8 g Protein: 1 Cup]
  2. High in Fiber – Relieves constipation and reduce triglycerides which lowers  blood cholesterol  levels. Improves overall cardiovascular health. Provides dietary fiber to gluten-intolerant individuals. [Contains 7 g Fiber: 1 Cup]
  3. High in Iron – Important for red blood cell production. Also assist in muscle recover and regulating body temperature. Quinoa is ideal for vegans who doesn’t eat red meat (provides a substantial amount of Iron.) [Contains 5mg Iron: 1 Cup]
  4. High in Magnesium – Ease tension on blood vessels by increasing elasticity of the vessels. Which indirectly will lower Hypertension of the heart. [Contains 55% of DV – Daily Value]
  5. High in Riboflavin – Better known as Vitamin B2. Vit. B2 is essential for providing energy for the human body for metabolic functioning. [Contains 20% of DV]

This is only a short and brief description of what Quinoa is, but I hope it is clear what the nutritional benefits of Quinoa are. Not only is it better than any other grain available on the shelve. It’s also a perfect source of protein for strict vegans, and it is gluten-free.

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