Winter Flapjacks

Flapjacks made as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Weekend breakfast(s) are the highlight to the end of the week, (sad, but true!) I try to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Yes, I’m also human & crave something ‘sweet’ every now & then. I would happily look for a healthy alternatives.

Last weekend a friend of mine asked me for a health recipe for flapjacks. The past year the Paleo diet become very popular, and however I do not agree with all the principles on which the diet is based. The diet does have a few good nutritional key points, and this recipe was inspired by those principles.

No flour, higher nutritional density than regular flapjacks and it is really easy to make. That’s a winning recipe in My book! 🙂

Winter Flapjacks


  • 1 x Banana (Medium size)
  • 2 x Eggs (Large Free-range)
  • Roberts Cinnamon

Yes, that is ALL ingredients you’ll need! This serving was only for one person and I made 6 small, thin flapjacks out of the batter. {Increase the recipe as needed.}

FlapJack Ingredients
Only 3 ingredients

Start by peeling, slicing and smashing the banana to a fine mush. The finer, the better! Note: Apple sauce may be used as a substitute for mashed bananas.

Mashed Bananas
Mashed Bananas

Next crack the eggs and sprinkle about 1 x tspn of Roberston Cinnamon spice over. Mix very well, you do not want clots in the batter. I used an electrical beater, but a hand-mixer will do the job.

Flip-a-Flap Jack
Flip-a-Flap Jack

Turn up the heat on the stove to Medium high. This is important, because to low and the batter won’t cook or too high and the bottom of the flapjacks will burn and leave the top part uncooked. Scoop enough batter in for one flapjack at a time, leave it for about 1 minute until you see little bubbles on the surface of the flapjacks. Flip the flapjacks over and leave to cook for 1 minute more.

The results!

Fast, easy, and tasty. It was truly as easy as 1, 2, 3. Now you can make it to! Nothing like a little Sugar-free Peanut butter and Raw organic honey or fresh fruit to top it off. It’s flippen-good!

Hot off the plate!
Winter Flap jacks
Winter Flap jacks

If you are still not sure how to ‘flip’ a jack. Watch my short Vine clip HERE! 🙂

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  1. Lize

    We tried these but they were really mushy- like too soft to flip. Advice?

    1. Hi Lize! Try to add a Tbsp of Almond flour/Coconut flour/Gluten-free flour. Hope this helps!

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