TheOneK Circuit at Home

TheOneK 40 Min. WOD {at Home}

TheOneK Circuit at Home

Stuck at home or don’t have a gym membership? That is fine, all you need is; YOU! If you are determined, you can do anything. My Monday WOD {Workout of the Day} includes 3 x different types of small circuits. Each circuit varying in time and intensity. For example: Circuit One will be a warm-up round with longer resting periods in between each exercise. This can easily be monitored with a Heart Rate monitor device; {I use Polar.}

Polar FT7
Polar FT7

Circuit ONE:

Are you ready? The first Circuit is so easy, you hardly need any equipment. All you will need is a skipping rope, but can proceed without it. Be realistic and start by a few dynamic stretches or skip rope for 5 minutes. Start the first session with time interval of 35 sec. GO: 5 sec. REST. Take this round easy and try to maintain 60% HR average. I completed 2 x rounds of Circuit One.

TheOneK Circuit ONE

Circuit TWO:

Let’s move on! Your HR {Heart Rate} is elevated and muscles warmed-up. The deference between the first and second circuit is the Rest vs. Go-time interval. In Circuit Two the ratio will change to 35 sec. GO:10 sec. REST. Give your best to increase your HR to 70%. Again, I completed 2 x rounds of Circuit Two.

TheOneK Circuit Two

Circuit THREE:

The last round and time to give your very best! The previous two circuits focused on total body movement, but mostly lower body exercises. After a proper warm-up your body will be ready for the third circuit. Circuit Three has no Rest vs Go-time interval.  This round simply include the number of Reps (as indicated below.) I completed 3 x rounds of the third circuit. Try to average a 80% HR. Keep it there!

TheOneK Circuit ThreeBreath!

That is it! The short & sweat of my training circuit at home. A friendly reminder to go for a health assessment or check-up first, before participating in any physical training program. Your health is the first priority and if you feel you need to take a breather, do so! Last but not least, always keep a bottle of water nearby. I easily consumed 1L of water before and during training.

If you have any questions about the circuit or training. Feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

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