Consumer Insights 2015

The Consumer Trends for 2015

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The marketing community of Cape Town gather for an evening of insight into the consumer marketing trends for 2015. This was the official launch of the eBook for Consumer Marketing Insights 2015. You can download the eBook for FREE here

The #ConsumerExpertZA evening was hosted by eBook curators One Up Agency and Marketing Update.

The #ConsumerExpertZA Highlights

The first expert to address the audience was Dirk Tolken form Semantica Digital. Dirk shared the upcoming trends for Facebook and Twitter in 2015. All I can say, there’s a few interesting features in the pipe line for Twitter in the near future.

Dirk Tolken | Consumer Expert 2015

Next up was Head of SEO at World Wide Creative, Dean Claassens to tell us more about optimising content for your consumer. One of Dean’s key points was; “Content needs to be sharable.” Keep that in mind the next time you work with content for specific consumers.

Dean Claassen - Consumer Experts 2015

After 7 years, Boomtown doesn’t see themselves as experts, yet! Boomtown amazed everyone with the forward thinking and like they would say: Strategy+Creativity = BOOM! That is exactly what they manage to do.

Read more about Boomtown’s Aggreko – Always On campaign here

Boomtown at Consumer Expert 2015

Pushing boundaries at BNRY (Buynary) is Damiain Cannon. Damian shared his insights on the fast growing sector of mobile in South Africa and Africa. He mentioned big names like Uber and FitBit, and how mobile apps and devices are ‘working’ for the consumer.

Damian Cannon BNRY

Last but not lease was Keisha van Vuuren, PR queen from TinCan. Keisha just made it clear that the power of a well written press release should never by underestimated.

Keisha van Vuuren at Consumer Expert 2015

The #ConsumerExpertZA Stats



Also interesting stats to look at is the type of tweets posted during the event. The majority of the tweets was original tweets from user’s attending the event.


The Future of Marketing

A few exciting things coming up in 2015 in the world of Social Media, SEO, Mobile and PR. Next year’s event is only going to be bigger and better! Keep your eyes open for upcoming events from One Up Agency!

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  1. Have to say, fantastic and very unique round up! Love the Twitter analysis also, great ‘hook’ on good content.

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