TheOneK is back!

Buon giorno! Ciao! Kalimera! Yassas!TheOneK is back!

I’m back from a magical 2 week trip [actually backpacking] through Europe. What made it even more special; I did it with my amazing husband. Yes, that will make it our honeymoon. Not your average idea of a honeymoon somewhere on a tropical beach, but this was perfect for us! 🙂

Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs.

The entire trip was self-planned by using some useful sites like Skyscanner + Tripit + TripAdvisor + ViatorTake note! Otherwise here is a brief timeline of when and where we were. This might help you if you are planning on travelling to Europe anytime soon. Here we go….

Flying Alitalia

Getting there!

Departing from Cape Town International airport we flew to Amsterdam Schipol airport, where we had a connected flight to  Rome Fiumicino airport. There are several flight options flying this route, but you can choose to fly directly to Italy or stop on varies other airports. Skyscanner was very useful here by scanning all major sites for flights and suggested the best priced flight.


Piazza Venezia, Rome
Piazza Venezia, Rome

We started the first half of the trip in Rome, we stayed close to the main train station Roma Termini. The first day we traveled via the EuroStar to Napoli, eating authentic thin-base pizza and shopping. The following day after a morning visit to the Vatican we traveled to the city of Florence via train. In our opinion, the best city in Italy! 🙂 A total of three days were spent there where we mange to squeeze in; TuscanySienaSan Gimignano, and Pisa.

Tip: Check out Viator for day tours or group specials to all the local attractions.Streets of water, Venezia

Leaving Florence from Santa Maria station, we traveled by train to Mestre, Venezia. A day trip to the famous city of water could be reach by taking public buses, and then water transport into the heart of  Venezia. That was our last day in Italy before catching a red-eye flight to Mykonos Island National airport the next morning.


Greek Church, Santorini
Greek Church, Santorini

The first Greek island we visited was Mykonos – The party capital of all the Cyclades. [I’m starting to believe that they CAN party harder than the Ibiza locals.] After two days in Mykonos we took the SeaJet to the small island of Paros. If you are looking to relax and truly enjoy the Mediterranean; Paros is the place to be! 😉

Pink SeaJet
Pink SeaJet

Another day soaking up the sun, and one long ferrie trip with BlueStar to Santorini. The only place I know where tourist and locals alike applaud when the sun sets over the ocean. Santorini is the iconic image that you see on a postcard with white painted houses and blue dome roofs.

Tip: The best is to upload all the details on Tripit and it will compile a full schedule for you.

Getting back!

On our way back to South Africa, we wanted to visit Greece itself. A short flight from Thira National airport in Santorini to Athens International airport. We had the morning to look at the ancient Acropolis and other ruins in the city.

Ruins in Athens
Ruins in Athens

The flight back to Rome in the afternoon was only 1 hour and 40 minutes.  The last leg of the trip we explored all the tourist attractions of Rome; Fountain of Trevi, Piazza di Spangna, Roman Forum, Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. The last connected flight was from Rome Fiumicino airport to Amsterdam Schipol airport and then the final flight [thank goodness] straight to Cape Town

“Hope you enjoyed your travel experience with TheOneK. We look forward to having you on-board again!”;)

I will be posting a series of travel post with tips and insights over the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Arrivederci! x

Home Sweet Home!

TheOnK's backpack

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  1. Hello TheOneK, it looks like you had a fantastic honeymoon! Thank you for visiting our blog – we are happy that you found us and will keep up with yours…

    1. It sure was a trip I’ll never forget! Look forward to keeping in touch. 😉

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