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TheOneK Twitter Analytics

Two things I love to do…

1. Learn something new every day.

2. Tweet every day.

Webinar about Twitter Analytics

First off, anyone can join the Twitter webinars. The Twitter webinars are usually 30 minutes with different topics. Each webinar is usually 20 minutes of discussing a specific topic and the last 10 minutes is used for answering questions from the Twitter experts. All you have to do is go to their website, sign up and tune in on the day.

TheOneK Twitter Analytics

During the #TwitterAnalytics webinar I had a look at my personal stats and spotted a few exciting things! Here is just a quick sneak-peak into my stats. ūüėČ

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 It is good to know what is the engagement on your tweets. If you are a brand you want the audience to engage with you. Otherwise what is the point of being on Twitter or Social Media for that fact?

TheOneK Twitter Analytics source:

Once on your Analytic dashboard, you can view your Followers. Again, this is very important to brands. It is useful to know your followers’ interests, location and gender. For example: If you are a Rugby brand in South Africa and the majority of your target market are male. Your Twitter content will have to take into consideration all three of these analytic key points. If your followers (as the brand) are not in South African or interested in sport (rugby) and the majority is female. You might have a problem and will need to adjust your content.

location source:

Tweet of the Week

I tweeted about Robohand¬†after it featured on Carte Blanche on Sunday evening. I was truly inspired by the project and received a great response on Twitter via Retweets and Favorites. The power of Twitter is amazing and hopefully by only one Retweet this can possibly improve someone else’s live!¬†

For more info on 3D printed prosthetic limbs. Go to

TheOneK Twitter Analytics

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