Virgin America Safety Video

Virgin America brings you #VXsafetydance

Big ups to the content creators of the new Virgin America Safety video.

Most of us have heard the same old rhyme before… “Please fasen your seatbelt like this, pull it tight like this and release by pulling the clip.” While the flight attendant continues to demonstrate, you are browsing through the in-flight magazine or dozing off.

Virgin America Flight attendant
Virgin America Flight attendant

It is required that all Airlines demo the safety procedure before every flight. Yes, after a few flights the Safety procedure has a numbing effect and your brain switches off.

Virgin America Rebots
Virgin America Rebots

Thanks to Virgin America the new pimped up version of the Safety procedure demo, will grab anyone’s attention! If you are a frequent flyer {or newbie.} You will enjoy this version of the flight Safety procedure.

The team

The team who made this ‘Buckle up to get down’ video possible included Virgin Producer, Director Jon M. Chu. The team showcased the best Choreographers like Jamal Sims who worked on Step up 4, Footloose and Cirque du Soleil productions. This is clearly evident in some of the dance moves. The well-know American actor and choreographer, Christopher Scott added his own style to the video. The Composer/Producer is Jean-yves (Jeeve) Ducornet.

Christopher Scott choreographer
Something for the ladies!

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