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What does Brand CI mean?

A Brand CI (Corporate Identity), is the unique identity of how your business looks. Your brand CI includes a combination of colour schemes, designs, words, etc.

If you do not yet have a formal Brand CI, we can help! 

TheOneK Marketing Consultancy will help your business make a visual statement about itself and to communicate your business philosophy to the correct target audience. This includes market research to ensure your brand is unique. We will help with:

  • New logo design and brand CI guidelines, including fonts and logo pack
  • Designing of corporate collateral like letterheads, powerpoint presentation templates
  • Updating new branding on websites and social media platforms
  • Creation of marketing material like brochures and posters, and more.

Tell us what your specific needs are and we will assist you.

When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable” – Meg Whitman.

Contact us today, so we can craft a unique corporate brand identity for your business!