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We have arrived in the era where customers no longer want to phone a call centre to log a complaint or read a newspaper to find out about local promotions in their area, but rather go onto their mobile phone and view everything on a social media app.

Why do we focus on social media for your business?


  • Social media platforms make businesses accessible to their customers,
  • Social media allows a business to talk directly to their customer in the correct location, age, etc
  • Social media creates a persona about a business, which customers can connect with online

How do we work on social media?

At TheOneK Marketing Consultancy, we can assist by creating a new social media page or manage your existing accounts on your behalf. We firmly believe that the business owner should be involved in the process. Whether this is weekly Insight meetings or a monthly report to see how the business pages have been performing and to draw valuable customer insights to be able to optimise the social media platforms even more.

  • We create weekly/monthly social media conversation calenders
  • We create content which includes copywriting and designs
  • We monitor the social media pages on a daily basis (*per SLA agreement)
  • We run both B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns on social media channels
  • We constantly stay up to date with the latest social media trends to optimise your social media business pages

We specialise in:

✓ Facebook Management

✓ Twitter Management

✓ Instagram Management

✓ YouTube Management

✓ Linkedin Management

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