Arugula & Haskell Pairing

Arugula Bistro & Haskell Wine Pairing

 The bread & wine of life We were invited to a food and wine pairing evening at Arugula Bistro & Bread. This little gem of a bistro is situated in Durbanville. Arugula is a must visit for any foodie living in Cape Town and surrounding areas. We have been to Arugula several times before and…

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Healthier version Banana Bread

The Banana bread that’s better for you! What is your first thought when you have a few over-ripe bananas? “Let’s bake a banana bread!” 😀 Being health conscious – I had the same thought, but tried to bake a banana bread that would be better for you. No butter, no excess sugar, and some added ingredients to boost the nutritional value of…

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