Nouvelle Mushrooms | Shiitake side dish

Shiitake Mushroom recipe

Have you ever wondered what to do with Shiitake mushrooms? Look no further for a quick, easy & healthy dish idea. This is my recipe for Shiitake mushrooms with rosemary and creamy brie cheese. Ingredients: Crushed Garlic Shiitake mushrooms Shemije mushrooms (optional) 1/2  x Red onion Rosemary Olive oil Method: Heat olive oil in a…

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Cooked Quinoa

Warm cooked Quinoa for breakfast

Cooked Quinoa served with kiwi & cinnamon porridge A chilly autumn morning in South Africa and all that can warm me up,  is warm porridge. Usually I will cook my Woolworth Rolled Oats, but I have been experimenting with Quinoa lately. {lightbulb moment!} 😀 “Why not cook Quinoa for breakfast?” I did some reading about the cooking temperature, cooking duration…

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Organic Quinoa

The Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa  – A grain-like seed that has taken the health world by storm. Quinoa; pronounced as “Keen-Wa.” It is truly a super food for more than one reason. 🙂 This whole-grain can be served as an alternative to Rice, Cous-Cous or Barley. You’re asking, “What makes Quinoa so special?” Luckily, I am here to share some of the benefits of this super…

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