Skinny Cheescake

All of the goodness, half of the Calories! We all have a sweet-tooth and crave something tasty every now & then. I am not the biggest fan of sponge cakes, I prefer an Apple pie, Cheesecake or a South African favourite; Melktert. I think I discovered the perfect combination by creating my own “skinny cheesecake” with fresh kiwi on…

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Cooked Quinoa

Warm cooked Quinoa for breakfast

Cooked Quinoa served with kiwi & cinnamon porridge A chilly autumn morning in South Africa and all that can warm me up,  is warm porridge. Usually I will cook my Woolworth Rolled Oats, but I have been experimenting with Quinoa lately. {lightbulb moment!} 😀 “Why not cook Quinoa for breakfast?” I did some reading about the cooking temperature, cooking duration…

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