TheOneK Twitter Analytics

Twitter Academy: The 101 on Twitter Anayltics

Twitter Academy Webinars Two things I love to do… 1. Learn something new every day. 2. Tweet every day. Webinar about Twitter Analytics First off, anyone can join the Twitter webinars. The Twitter webinars are usually 30 minutes with different topics. Each webinar is usually 20 minutes of discussing a specific topic and the last…

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Consumer Insights 2015

Official Launch of Consumer Marketing Insights 2015

The Consumer Trends for 2015 The marketing community of Cape Town gather for an evening of insight into the consumer marketing trends for 2015. This was the official launch of the eBook for Consumer Marketing Insights 2015. You can download the eBook for FREE here The #ConsumerExpertZA evening was hosted by eBook curators One Up Agency…

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Toeter: Afrikaans Social Media Platform

Welcome to Toeter “Toeter” is the latest social network that recently launched in South Africa. What makes Toeter so special? Well, just the fact that it’s the first Afrikaans social media platform. Besides being uniquely for the Afrikaans speaking community, Toeter is nothing spectacular compared to the big boys like Facebook and Twitter. My mother…

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Richelieu Brandy South Africa

Richelieu Round Up of 2013

The end of 2013 is less than 2 weeks away. So close, but yet so far! There’s still enough time for more scandals, political jokes and topics that will get the verbal diarrhoea flowing on social media for 2013. First a round up of the events that took place during this year. Compliments to Derick Watts…

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