fit2 South Afirca

EMS Training at Fit Squared South Africa

What is EMS training? EMS stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation. EMS training includes full body exercises while sending electrical impulse current through your body. The human CNS (Central Nervous System), naturally sends impulses to our muscles. EMS training is based on the same principle, but can extent beyond the bodies natural capability. Welcome to FitSquared! A…

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TheOneK Circuit at Home

Train in your own home

TheOneK 40 Min. WOD {at Home} Stuck at home or don’t have a gym membership? That is fine, all you need is; YOU! If you are determined, you can do anything. My Monday WOD {Workout of the Day} includes 3 x different types of small circuits. Each circuit varying in time and intensity. For example:…

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