My Steak Hunter entry

Juicy, Sexy, Steak date!

Steak Hunter Entry Most South Africans’ weekend would include the following; invite friends over, light up a fire, open a bottle of wine, and braai a thick-juicy steak. Deny it? To Braai, would undeniably be one of South Africans’ favourite past time and something that unites our entire Nation. The past weekend a braai was a…

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The Thug Life

The first Weekend Of July 2013

First half of 2013 has flown by! A little something to put you in the mood for the weekend. Today I am going to let my true “Benoni” colours show, because that’s how I roll. Guess you can take the girl out of Benoni, but not the Benoni out of the girl? 😉 The first week…

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