Welcome to TheOneK Marketing Consultancy

We are a boutique Marketing Consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa, but servicing clients globally.

From small beginnings back in 2012, when TheOneK started as a personal Lifestyle Blog. A simple WordPress blog was the start of our passion for digital marketing, development and corporate branding. This website was the learning curve which led to an internship at a Development house and then onto leading Advertising Agencies in Cape Town.

So, why TheOneK you might ask? 

It is simple really. The blog name originated as a type of abbreviation from my own name, Karlien and it is now known as The One K – Marketing Consultancy.

“It was always important to me to treat TheOneK the same way that I would handle any other brand.”


To get back to our experience. After spending over 5 years in Award-Winning agencies, and handling big corporate clients like; Coronation, Engen Petroleum SA, Alexander Forbes and Sanlam. Years of best practices and processes became second nature, which we have come to use today.

Social Media has been part of TheOneK Lifestyle blog since the beginning. As digital marketing and social media platforms grew throughout the years, we grew with it! It’s not just posting a picture on your favourite social media platform, but it is the strategy behind it, which makes the difference and something we pride ourselves on.

Together with extensive client relationship management and building of national campaigns. We have built up the experience to offer a wide spectrum of services to the business owner who might not be able to afford an Award-Winning Agency.


Our mission is to enable small-to-medium (SME’s) business’ owners the opportunity to heighten their brand awareness, strengthen their competitive advantage, enhance productivity, and provide them with opportunities to increase their return on investment in the digital landscape.


Keep up with us!


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