Black Bottle and The Parlotones LIVE at Cape Town Club

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Black Bottle Whiskey |

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On a chilly evening in Cape Town with a glass of iconic whisky in hand while listening to a live performance by an iconic South African band, The Parlotones. This is what Winter’s in the Mother city are made of!

The Cape Town Club

The venue for the evening was the stylish Cape Town Club, designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1898 and located alongside the Company’s Garden and next door to the Cape Town High Court.

The Clubhouse is in the hub of Cape Town City and they have a total of nine beautifully appointed and very varied function rooms available for member’s use or for private hire.

The Parlotones & The Whisky

The evening delivered to its expectations and even better! We started off in the Black Bottle private bar room where gourmet cocktails prepared and the history of Black Bottle was explained. The main purpose of the evening was to introduceĀ the new Black Bottle blend and bottle design, it is no longer green. šŸ™‚

The Parlotones has been on a worldwide tour for the past few months. This was officially their first performance back in S.A. Yes, we are all fans, even if you don’t want to say it out loud. The guys were full of spunk and hasn’t lost their touch! Kahn is still the greatest performer with his eyeliner and the new album, Antiques & Artifacts (2015) sounds like a goodie!

Black Bottle Whiskey |

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Black Bottle Whiskey |

The New Black Bottle Whisky

Black Bottle was first created in 1879 by Gordon Graham, a tea merchant from Aberdeen. Black Bottleā€™s distinctive bold, full-bodied taste and delightful smoky flavour has since set itself apart from most other whiskies.
Black Bottle Whiskey |

Black is back!

The bottle and label design have been updated to a retro and more modern design. However, the design has actually been inspired by a black bottle that was discovered in the company archives and dates back to 1906. With the new design of the exterior came a new taste on the interior. An old veteran in the whisky industry and Master distiller, Ian Macmillan, a whisky industry veteran re-invented the traditional Black Bottle recipe blend.

Black Bottle Whiskey |

The Result?

The new Black Bottle blend is a rich whisky with a slightly smoky taste. In the new blend, you will pick up floral notes with a hint of oak (smoky) on the nose. It has a silky-smooth palate and has a lingering finish with a hint of spice.

Overall the new recipe is far less smokey than the original Black Bottle. What does make the new recipe special is that is versatile to use in cocktails and contributes its own unique flavours. If you are like me, I would recommend having it neat.

Black Bottle retails for around R240 per 750ml bottle at selected liquor outlets nationwide.

Visit them onĀ @BlackBottleSA| Facebook page Black Bottle SA Facebook

Black Bottle Whiskey |

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