The Food Fox’s Kitchen at D’aria

An evening of good food and wine from D’Aria Winery in the Durbanville wine route. The evening presented a secret menu featuring dishes from Alaska, France, Greece and South Africa.

The evening consisted of a live food demo and dining from Ilse van der Merwe. She is better known as The Food Fox“A true enthusiast of the culinary world and all of it’s magical chambers.” 

D'Aria & The Food Fox evening
D’Aria & The Food Fox evening

The evening was off to a tasty start with canapés of Smoked Trout puffs. Ilse continues to tell us about the “Alaska” themed dish and enlighten us about the local Trout farmers on the Lourensford Estate in the Western Cape . A real refreshing bite before the vertical tasting presumed.

If you want to find out more about local Trout. Follow Lourensford Trout on Twitter: @LourensfrdTrout

Smoked Trout Puffs
Smoked Trout Puffs

We were honoured to taste the D’aria Sauvignon Blanc ranging from 2009 right through to 2012.  This is known as a Vertical tasting. This is a great way of exploring a specific wine variant with emphasizes differences between various vintages. Rudi von Waltsleben, winemaker at D’aria, shared stories about these vintages.

Rudi, winemaker of D'Aria
Rudi, winemaker of D’Aria
The Soprano Shiraz 2010
The Soprano Shiraz 2010


Creamy and rich; everything a true French soup should be. The soup is velvet on your tongue. A bit too rich for me, but I allow myself the indulgence every now & then.

Leek, Potato & Butter Soup
Leek, Potato & Butter Soup

Recipe on The Food Fox: Creamy leek and potato soup


I returned from Greece only a few months ago and would be happy to visit again. Touring Italy and onto the islands of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini before heading back to Rome, Italy. After a flight from Venice, we arrived in Mykonos, tired and hungry. The local B&B ordered food for us and what arrived? Souvlaki!

I wish I had time to tell you the entire story of our “Expensive Souvlaki experience.” 😉

Souvlaki, yum!
My Souvlaki, yum!

Ilse made the Lamb koftas, greek salad (No lettuce!) and pita bread. This was the fun part, we could fill and roll our own Souvlaki. Some a bit better at it than other.

Traditional Greek salad
Traditional Greek salad

…and of course creamy Tzatziki made from Greek yogurt.

Homemade Tzatziki
Homemade Tzatziki


After returning from our travels in Italy and Greece. We arrived back in South Africa, very happy to be home. We were excited to eat local cuisine and soon came to the realization; “how spoiled for choice we are in S.A.” We have it all!

Ilse mentioned how Pumpkin fritters is a traditional South African side-dish, but changing the recipe slightly. She created her own Pumpkin fritters with a fudge sauce. Topped with some black salt to give it the salty-caramel taste.

Pumpkin fritters with fudge sauce
Pumpkin fritters with fudge sauce

You can follow Ilse van der Merwe or @the_foodfox on Twiiter. Go and like her The Food Fox Facebook page. The next Food Fox Kitchen will be at D’Aria Winery on the 17th of October ’13.

For more information contact Ilse or see the ad below:

The Food Fox's Kitchen 17 October
The Food Fox’s Kitchen 17 October

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