Fairview Full Fat Yoghurt

Strained yoghurt and it’s preservative free!

Fairview Yoghurt | TheOneK.com

It is finally here! *jumps of joy* I have been waiting for a real full fat yoghurt that is not a “Greek-style” yoghurt or full of preservatives or thickeners. Who else to release this full fat creamy goodness than Fairview Cheese.

From the fabulous producers of Labneh cheese, Fairview now offers a full fat yoghurt made from Jersey cow’s milk. You might wonder what makes this yoghurt any different to the one’s you find in South African stores. Well, the difference is…

  • NO added Sugars
  • NO added Starch
  • NO added Stabilisers
  • NO added Preservatives

Fairview full fat yoghurt | TheOneK.com

Fairview full fat yoghurt | TheOneK.com


Are you on a Low Carb, High Fat diet?

This is probably the best news for all the Banting #LCHF fanatics. As I regular person, preferring preservative free products. The Fairview full fat (strained) yoghurt is a winner for me. The yoghurt consist of  12% Fat, 9% Protein and is high in natural probiotic.

For a list of the stockists in the Western Cape. Please click here.

Fairview Full Fat Yoghurt Breakfast

This is a quick and easy breakfast using the Fairview full fat yoghurt. Use a quarter cup of Swiss style muesli, raw almonds and a little drizzle of raw honey. Perfecto!

Yoghurt | TheOneK.com


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