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The future of shopping brought to you by one of South Africa’s biggest retailers – Mr. Price. 

The Future of Shopping

I’ve been in the privileged position to have worked on a few exciting e-Commerce projects in forward-thinking technology companies over the past few years. For some time now, we’ve been discussing the future of Retail and e-Commerce. A future where you have a self-service pay station or order online & collect in-store or the use of artificial intelligence to sell online.

Back in 2016, Pick n Pay launched their ‘self-service checkouts’, and we have a number of logistics companies partnering with e-Commerce sites to offer “order online & collect in-store” services. There’s also a few examples of the use of A.I in online retail today, like the Finery and; but we are yet to see our own South African version, and who better to come to the game than Mr. Price.

What’s all the fuss about?

Let me highlight the key features of the new concept store that opened in Eastgate Shopping Centre on 25 October 2018:

  • Self-check pay stations – Yes, it’s finally a thing!
  • Easy language toggle on the pay stations
  • FREE Wi-Fi to all customers – which Millennial doesn’t like to hear that?
  • See what’s trending online – with the help of screens in-store.
  • Email your receipt – Less paper, better for the environment AND no more excuses like, “I lost my receipt” 😉
  • Order online & collect in-store – It’s been there, but just made easier! (Scan + collect)
  • Mobile POS (Point of Sale, if you didn’t know) – aka Staff can assist you while standing in the queue.
  • Wireless scanners – Makes packaging at warehouse level easier & quicker!
  • Mr.P App – Use it in-store to check product info.
  • QR Codes – Scan & pay.

Mr.Price Concept Store by

To summarise; Mr.P is aiming to “empower the people,” 

and to provide an easier & quicker way of shopping.

Watch it for yourself here!

Posted by Donovan Baney – Retail Director of Marketing, E-Commerce & Business Development at Mr Price Group. Definitely exciting times ahead for Mr.P, and retail in general, in South Africa!

Let us know what you think of the new concept store in the comments below?

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